Kitting & Outsourced Solutions

Premium Ideas offers holistic solutions to the SIM card telecom industry in Africa. Through a host of possible solutions Premium ideas is able to offer a wide range of services and solutions starting with a simple outsourced specialised SIM card kitting solution all the way to a comprehensive end to end solution whereby full SIM solution  management is completed.

SIM Kitting:

Premium Ideas has through its unparalleled wealth of experience in African SIM kitting solutions been able to innovate and drive many  industry firsts in terms of product technologies. Premium Ideas is able to package in every known form of SIM fulfilment as well as some internationally unique product offerings.

We have the following product abilities:

PVC Blister Solutions

PET Blister Solutions

Paper Based Packaging

All formats and sizes including in house printing

Easy Peel - Recyclable Blister Solutions

CD Case Packaging

Other Flexible Hybrid Products

Premium Ideas has the ability to match each card by verifying and reading each chip to both activity as well as data consistency and as a vendor which has no alliance to any specific SIM vendor, Premium Ideas offers independence and detailed form of Quality Assurance for telecom networks on all SIM related activities.

SIM - Logistics Outsourced Management

Premium Ideas has the ability to manage end to end SIM solutions for a multiple of telecom network providers. This solution entails the complete outsourcing of all all SIM and related warehousing and distribution solutions for numerous clients.

These solutions include the following:

OEM Management

Payment Management for OEM's

Quality Assurance on SIM Cards to meet telecom network specifications

Warehousing of SIM Cards

In-bound Logistics

Clearing of SIM cards in country

Design of product specifications in order to meet both telecom network as well as regulatory requirements

Fulfillment of cards

Bundling of handsets

Warehousing of kitted SIM's

Out-bound logistics

Premium Ideas has successfully managed all the SIM related components for some of Africa’s largest telecom network operating companies on a total outsourced model for over 20 years. With unrivalled experience and expertise on the continent, Premium Ideas is able to constantly exceed customer expectations while enabling their unique strategies while managing confidentially in the process.

Handset and Device Packaging


Premium Ideas is responsible for the handset and device bundling for over 5 million units per annum. This solution is inclusive of all formats including promotional bundling as well as SIM card bundling solutions.

Premium Ideas provides the same end to end solutions in relation to device kitting as mentioned in SIM solutions above.

Premium Ideas maintains full security solutions 24/7 including data, logical and physical to ensure that risk on high value devices is minimised.

Premium Ideas understands that all customers’ needs are unique, and as such work on a model whereby a detailed customer engagement forms the basis of what will be an entity specific unique proposal which meets all entity specific strategic objectives and targets.

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