Our Facilities, Location & Track Record

Our manufacturing facilities boast the latest, internationally acclaimed, automated production equipment with an excellent delivery capacity, located in an ultra-secure environment. The quality and accuracy of all products produced are of world class standard. Our facilities have also been certified as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant. With a staff complement in excess of 1400 in South Africa and Nigeria, we have the capacity for secure printing in excess of 85 million units per month.

As an advanced technology service provider, we keep abreast of the latest technology to securely enhance your business image and payment channels. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise ensure we are able to provide guidance as to what is possible, practical and cost efficient. We have been timeously supplying recharge vouchers and value-added services to many countries in Africa since 2005.

We have established an understanding of the unique trading environment and business relationships as well as the underpinning requirements of emerging markets. Our quality of service originates from the passion of our people, a commitment to client satisfaction, a flexible approach and broad global experience.

Premium Ideas has multiple sites across the country and each site has been meticulously located for specific reasons, needs and functions. The current secure site in Midrand is located within an access and security controlled Business Park with 24/7 monitoring and controls in place to ensure that access is granted to authorized individuals only. The building and park is positioned in a high visibility area with easy access to freeways and other main routes. The facility is also within a 15km radius of all key client facilities which is key in terms of our interaction with our clients.


Driven by its culture of constant change and innovation, Premium Ideas has been responsible for almost every material change in SIM packaging and distribution in South Africa. The same applies to the innovative scratch card product implementation in the greater Southern African regions. Continuous R&D has ensured that we have tried, tested and implemented solutions which have gone on to drive change in SIM distribution globally, including certain European markets. Not only do we implement superior and practical solutions, but also solutions that are, for the most part, financially beneficial.

Supply Chain

Premium Ideas has formed strategic alliances with a strong array of business partners at all points of our supply chain, including printers, couriers, SIM card providers and technology (including machinery) suppliers. Many of our key suppliers have dedicated lines and capacity available to us which ultimately enables us to often exceed delivery and quality commitments.

Disaster Recovery

Premium Ideas currently provides over 150 million packs per annum across Africa and is the exclusive packaging partner to various large telcos. To ensure continuity, both in the face of disaster as well as sudden and overwhelming additional demand, we have invested in multiple sites to cover all redundancies. This helps mitigate the risk of being an exclusive partner on a specific product range.

IT Infrastructure

Premium Ideas has a custom-built IT infrastructure that is secure and stable, and as flexible as the manufacturing environment that it supports. The manufacturing and warehousing system is supported by two dedicated developers and a team of database, network and office administrative specialists.